Our Motivation


Pain is a holistic experience that is not solely due to cellular or psychosocial factors, but is always a combination of these and others.

New about the current approach is that three innovative, complex and very different approaches for the acquisition of patient data are combined in a unique way, integrated in an adaptable software and evaluated for diagnostic and prognostic purposes as well as for therapy recommendations:

  • biometric patient data from portable sensors
  • biometric data from clinically quantifiable examinations
  • biological data from the patient's own sensory nerve cells

This is only possible within the network, since each partner contributes essential parts to the integration. The group consists of complementary partners – Universitätsklinikum Aachen with Prof. Lampert – physiology, Prof. Rolke – palliative medicine, Prof. Zenke – cell biology, Prof. Kurth – human genetics, and Grünenthal with its core competence in pain research. Gentle Giants, a long-term project partner of Grünenthal, will support Bio²Watch as a software developer.